In-Person Reiki

In-Person Reiki sessions are performed in our treatment room, and include aromatherapy and a guided meditation to focus on the breath. 60 and 90 minute sessions also combine crystals & sound therapy to balance the energy centers and to assist with deeper healing. Reiki is for all ages, but In-Person Reiki sessions are recommended for children 6 and older. 

Long Distance Reiki

Long Distance Reiki is a 30 minute session with a 15 minute phone consultation. It includes a combination of Reiki, a guided meditation and a distance Reiki crystal healing grid. Reiki can transcend time and space, and may be sent anywhere no matter the location. You will receive an email confirmation once the session is completed. 

Group and Work Reiki

Group and Work Reiki sessions are conducted in an office space, in a private residence, or at a special event . Each session is 20 minutes/per person and is performed with clients sitting in a chair. The rate is $175/per hour and the session must be booked for a minimum of one hour. Home and business blessings are also available. Reiki, crystal grids, smudging and aromatherapy are used to bless and cleanse the energy in your space. The rate is $100 for one room and $50 for each additional room. 

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