Reiki Therapy

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About Pure Wellness 

Based in Richmond Virginia, Pure Wellness RVA is a holistic practice that specializes in Reiki and other energy healing modalities that include crystal healing, sound therapy, aromatherapy, chromotherapy and meditation.

Reiki is a discipline that involves laying hands on and around the body's energy centers to remove blockage and restore balance for stress reduction, relaxation and emotional, mental, physical & spiritual healing. Blocked energy can lead to anxiety, depression, stress, tension, illness and disease. 

The founder of Pure Wellness RVA, Dawn Collins, is a Usui/Holy Fire III Reiki Practitioner. Her teaching follows instructions from The International Center for Reiki Training (ICRT). After 20 years working in the fashion industry, she decided to start the practice from her passion to heal herself and her devotion to help others heal themselves. 



Poor breathing has a negative effect on energy flow. With meditation, we bring focus to the breath which moves energy throughout the body and activates the energy centers. Through our workshops, we provide guided meditations and teach various breathing exercises that promote the internal flow of energy. 


Sound frequency regulates breathing, reduces stress, induces relaxation and stimulates healing. Sound also has a way of moving through areas of blockage in the energy centers. Through our workshops, we practice different sound tools, such as chanting, drumming, tuning forks and singing bowls. 


Crystals act as a channel for healing and energy flow into the body, causing negative energy to be drawn out. They are known to have been used for prevention of disease and curing of illnesses. Through our workshops, we discuss the healing effect of crystals, as well as healing with color, also known as chromotherapy. 

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30 Minute Reiki Therapy

In-Person Reiki session. Ideal for returning clients that need to quickly recharge energy.


60 Minute Reiki Therapy

In-Person Reiki session. Ideal for first time clients or those that need to clear energy.


90 Minute Reiki Therapy

In-Person Reiki session. Ideal for clients that require intensive clearing of energy.


Long Distant Therapy

Ideal for out-of-town clients that are unable to receive an In-Person Reiki session.


*Prices include an additional 15 minute consultation. Energy therapy is complementary medicine and should not substitute conventional medical treatments. 


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